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There are so many ways to tell a story. Here's one.

The liminal space where plants and people connect has been a constant thread through my life.

I started learning about herbs in the woods of Central Idaho, saying their names every time we met. Over and over. Learning out of necessity, most of us with no insurance, far from hospitals.

Since then, I've gone to school, worked in an herb store, as a street medic and setting up clinics at actions and demonstrations, in free clinics and outreach programs, doing end of life and elder care, and as farmer/community herbalist.

All of this and so much more has informed my practice of herbalism. Even the times when I have laid this work down have brought me so much insight into this practice, like the lessons of grief and finding the depths of nothing to give. The process of finding my way back.

My ancestral knowledge of plants is not direct. It has been broken by colonialism, famine, patriarchy, so many intentional and unintentional breaks. My lineage of herbalism is problematic. A history of colonizers stealing indigenous knowledge and using it for their benefit. Of farmers looking for home. The broken lines through time of queers finding our way. Of local herbalists and witches disguising their skills, sending messages to the future in song and recipe.

This is the present I find myself in, what I am navigating. I am, everyday, learning, and looking for my way. How can I as a settler-colonizer on occupied land have a right relationship with the plants? With the land? With myself? Other people? I don't have easy answers, and this is something I will be working with and through in so many ways for my whole life. Questioning, wondering, learning, changing.

Something I love about herbalism is that it is a way to see the world. A lens. There is never an end to learning, to growing. For me, it shapes a holistic view of what health means. That health is inheritently communal, about connection. That in order to work with the health of one person, you must look at the bigger picture. Of society. Systems of oppression. Ways we treat each other and the web we all live in.

Some of my teachers and mentors:
The Plants
My clients and my body
Mo O'brien
Darla Torrez
Su Gregerson
Michael Moore (SW School of Botanical Medicine 2005)
Adam Sellers
Chuck Garcia
Lindsey Feldpausch, Mel Kasting and Thomas Easley (Eclectic School of Botanical Medicine, 2020)
And so so many more!
Thank you!

Disclaimer:  Erika Larsen is a complimentary and alternative health care practitioner and is not licensed by the state of New Mexico.  There is currently no license available for the services provided.  All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by health care practitioners currently licensed by the state of New Mexico.


Solace Crisis Treatment Center: 24 hour support for northern New Mexicans who have experienced sexual violence and other traumas.  Free.  505 986 5111

National RAINN Hotline: Reroutes you according to your phone number, or the zip code you enter, to a local sexual assault hotline.  800 656 4673

Articles, Apps, Charts, Videos, etc.

Gossypium spp. (Cotton Root Bark): A Symbol of Herbal Resistance,  Karen L. Culpepper 

Queer Attachment: an anti-oppression toolkit for relational healing, Leah Jo Carnine and  Fizz Perkel 

Interacting Layers of Trauma and Healing (Chart)

How Pain Works in the Body 

Pain Education and Modulation App (some free and some paid content)

Iliana Hernandez's Living Document on How to Find a Therapist That Works for You 

Going To Therapy As A QTPOC, Without Being Harmed, Erased Or Baffled, Carmen Leah Ascencio

Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks: A Resource for Herbalists and other Practitioners , Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich and Larken Bunce –

Hope in the Time of Stress, Linda Black Elk

Plant Adventures with Pilar

Other Self Study Resources

Pubmed (a search engine for research studies)

Enter a DOI here:

How to Critically Read a Research Study, Chris Kresser

Searchable website of some older western herbal books and other writing

Herbs for Mental Health, Jon Keys

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine Plant and Article Index

Free Access to Michael Moore's recorded lectures

Occupy Medical Training Documents

Reishi and Roses

United Plant Savers Journal: free PDF downloads

Herb Rally Monographs

American Herbalists Guild free webinars

Practitioners and Clinics

Alanna Whitney  (Santa Fe, NM and long distance)

Kelly McCarthy  (Philadelphia)

Caty Crabb (Athens, OH)

Stascha Stall (Bay Area, CA and long distance)

Dee Pauline

Ami DeGroot (Providence, RI and long distance)

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Schools, Classes, Apprenticeships and Mentorships

Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies (Salt Spring Island, BC)

La Mala Yerba BIPOC Herbal Immersion, other classes, clinic and more (various locations)

Ancestral Apothecary School of Herbal, Folk and Indigenous Medicine (Oakland, CA)

Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center (Maryland, Costa Rica, and online (

The Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies (Portland, OR)

Well of Indigenous Wisdom School (Mayaguez, PR)

Seed Seva Seasonal Mentroship (online)

Samara School of Community Herbalism (New Orleans)

Terra Sylva (Marshall, NC)

Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism (Boston, MA)

Seed Soil and Spirit School (currently online)  

Curanderismo (free online or in person course through the University of New Mexico)

NCB School of Herbalism and Holistic Health (Online and TN)

Sacred Journey School of Herbalism (Austin, TX)

Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine (Austin, TX and online)

Tierona Lowdog (Pecos, NM)

Native Roots School of Ancestral, Folk and Herbal Medicine (Taos, NM and online)

The People's Medicine School (upstate NY and online) 

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

American Herbalist Guild Mentor Directory

Collectives, Organizations, Movements, Projects and Related Resources

K'É Infoshop

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Southerners on New Ground

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Herbs, Preparations, Seeds, Plants

3 lists of regional herb farms 

PacificBotanicals (fresh herbs are grown on their farm, check dry herbs for source)

Texas Medicinals

Medicinal and Edible Plant and Seed Locator Facebook Group

Flack Family Farm

Somoma County Herb Exchange

Wolfberry Apothecary

Edgewood Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery

Grand Prismatic Seed

Tooley's Trees

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