Herbal Consult


$20 to $80 sliding scale

Any payments above this go towards supporting other clients that need to pay less.

Tinctures/Glycerites: $6/oz

Teas: $2/oz

Plans vary, but 8 to 16 oz of tincture or 1lb. of tea/month would be a reasonable estimate.

I can order and ship most supplements to you at wholesale cost.


I offer online and hone consults, and outdoor appointments on my porch in Las Vegas, NM when weather permits.

Here's what the process looks like

1. Intake form

I can send you an intake form to fill out.  If for any reason this doesn't work for you, we can skip this step and I'll gather this information in the initial intake.  The form is extensive and can take some time to fill out.  

2.  Initial Intake

This usually lasts about 45 minutes to 2 hours.  It can get broken up into multiple sessions if needed.  I'd love to hear your story here.  What brings you to this consult?  What is the context for your concerns?  I'll dig into the details and look for potential root causes.  We'll go through body systems using some assessment tools like constitution and tissue state as well as looking through any labs you may have with a functional medicine lens.  You'll leave with a few first steps, however I will need some time to research, formulate and come up with your full plan, which we will go over at our next appointment.  This is based on your schedule, but is usually within a few days to 1 week.

3. Wellness Plan Appointment

Usually about 30 minutes.  We'll go over your plan together and collaborate on any changes needed and answer any questions.

4. Follow-up

Usually 4-6 weeks later and around an hour

A check in to see how it's going, what changes need to be made and what the next steps are.  We'll decide here the frequency of subsequent appointments.

Disclaimer:  Erika Larsen is a complimentary and alternative health care practitioner and is not licensed by the state of New Mexico.  There is currently no license available for the services provided.  All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by health care practitioners currently licensed by the state of New Mexico.